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Why Triathlon?

This "crazy" sport has been around now for over twenty years and has positively touched the lives of tens of thousands over that period of time. The reality is that Triathlon should be viewed as a life style. If we only followed the government recommendations of one hour of exercise per day six days a week we would be well over the top of the basic requirements to complete a sprint distance triathlon.

The health benefits of this life style are astounding. From weight control, to blood sugar management, to increased energy and mental focus, among a whole list of other very positive benefits. The CDC says that if (quote). I will get into further detail on the health issues in the future; my intent here is to energize the athlete in us all.

Racing is completely unnecessary to achieve better health. That said, regardless of what your athletic aspirations changing your body's capacity for work load is the end result we all must achieve. However to attain any level of fitness requires some level of dedication. This seems to be the prize, finding and keeping the motivation. Some people can find this motivation and maintain a level of fitness that works for them by routine. Some people need groups or classes. I prefer Racing.

Racing can be one of the most rewarding ways to motivate oneself to maintain fitness. To race is to set a goal, that goal keeps you in the pool, on the bike, and out for a run. It may also keep you weight training and or on the mat stretching out! How much would it really matter how fast you went if it keeps you fit and strong for the long haul. The added reward comes from completing the goal! What is better that setting a goal and enjoying the process of getting there?

Racing can be much more than one just an athletic event it can be a meeting of like minds. People getting together to enjoy and share in a lifestyle, a lifestyle that is not your usual TV through your feet up on the coffee table and stuff your face at MacDonald’s getten fat Varity. There are a lot of people out there who find a social connectivity that is hard to find in most of the other walks of life. Sure there are a lot of people who race for the shear competitiveness, that certainly is a big factor for most, but there is the celebration factor too. It’s OK to be motivated to race for fun, you might find yourself doing it longer and seeing old faces year after year. There is more to racing than sweat and guts.



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